Nov. 29th, 2016

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...Okay. NOW. Gentlepersons, this is Estara, and I am looking at coming back to DW because FB is becoming more and more censor hell and my peeps are looking for options.

If, perchance, you actually still came around here looking for stuffs in the fanfic archive, it has now been moved to its own account, onemorealtmer. (Oh gods, I bet the internal links are a nightmare now. Not going to think about it. Y'all can just click around in its archives and find things the hard way for a while, all right?)

Give a holler if you see me.
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Right, so for them as weren't on facebook, a quick synopsis of my times there. Let's see. Was Episcopalian; wandered away over growing concern over my church's failure to intersect (the common "nice>=good" problem); was briefly progressive Catholic; bad at getting up and driving that far; am now doing more of a private-relationship-with-Jesus-and-Co thing that also includes most of my old posse, because I am a complicated multivalent confusing beastie.

Marriage is fine. Kiddo is now legally female, and yes, she's *thrilled* to see what the new regime has in store for her. Me too! For which reason I have been inundating my fb feed with news and inspirationals and calls to action. But fb is starting to get twitchy about them, so yay. Have started a few spiritual projects along these lines as well, which I will probably talk about later.

Did you know about the new third cat? Our new third cat is Max, a tuxedo. She is ridiculously social, bright, and possibly a spoiled brat and troublemaker. She reduces T to a cute-talking muppet.

Finished making Domus Doli into a novel and am currently shopping for a publisher and trying to learn to do all the marketing crap. Or that's what I was doing before apocalypse-prepping took over, anyway.


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