Sep. 2nd, 2010

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Because everyone's all worried about it right now.

My default setting on my livejournal is friends-only, and I have various filters that are even tighter.  Nothing from locked posts goes anywhere, and that includes comments.  However, there are some posts that I make public, like the gratitudes:  those do end up on facebook (along with some fb-only comments, usually stuff too quick and off the cuff to be worth putting here).  I don't know if that now means that comments you make on my public posts will show up at facebook, but as it is, they're PUBLIC posts here, so the risk has already been taken.

I never, ever link to anything someone has locked without their permission, because dude, seriously.  I like to assume y'all are decent people who are doing the same in return, but it's not like I search my own name on the internets periodically to check up on you.

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I am grateful for the magical force of habit, which after a few months of work, causes one to do things like crawl into workout clothes and onto the treadmill even though one doesn't actively want to, because that is what one does on a Thursday morning.

Habit can be your friend.
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I am grateful that I never watched Starlight Express.  I just found out today that all those people on roller skates were supposed to be trains.  @_@


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