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Right, so for them as weren't on facebook, a quick synopsis of my times there. Let's see. Was Episcopalian; wandered away over growing concern over my church's failure to intersect (the common "nice>=good" problem); was briefly progressive Catholic; bad at getting up and driving that far; am now doing more of a private-relationship-with-Jesus-and-Co thing that also includes most of my old posse, because I am a complicated multivalent confusing beastie.

Marriage is fine. Kiddo is now legally female, and yes, she's *thrilled* to see what the new regime has in store for her. Me too! For which reason I have been inundating my fb feed with news and inspirationals and calls to action. But fb is starting to get twitchy about them, so yay. Have started a few spiritual projects along these lines as well, which I will probably talk about later.

Did you know about the new third cat? Our new third cat is Max, a tuxedo. She is ridiculously social, bright, and possibly a spoiled brat and troublemaker. She reduces T to a cute-talking muppet.

Finished making Domus Doli into a novel and am currently shopping for a publisher and trying to learn to do all the marketing crap. Or that's what I was doing before apocalypse-prepping took over, anyway.

Date: 2016-11-30 06:22 am (UTC)
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The apocalypse always ruins everything.


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