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2017-04-15 03:03 pm

Wisdom Saw Inanna (Good Friday)

Wisdom saw Inanna descend into the Pit
and suffer there on tinderhooks.
The elevation of souls was not to be won in brave assault.
Instead, when Wisdom's turn came, She hid
inside a mortal form, humble and much changed in shape -
and was buried.
Only within the realm of the dead
did She reveal Herself another Queen of Heaven,
come to carry off souls meant to rise.
Come into the light, you who have suffered;
Come into the light, poor innocents unmourned;
To me, to my arms, victims of injustice;
To my embrace, seekers left behind in the dark.
All who will come, come to me:
I will carry any ancestor to any hall that awaits them, or to my own if they have no other,
Just as I have carried down truth to any mind that seeks it,
For I am Wisdom.
Come to me, beloved ones,
And on the third day we will rise.
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2017-04-14 08:33 pm

In which she has a curious

...So, did I ever import the old lj posts over here for continuity, or did I just start afresh here? And what about the Domus Doli and One More Altmer accounts? Do I even want to bother moving those, when DD is now a book rather than a webcomic and OMA is fanfics I'm not sure any new people are still going to read? Decisions, decisions. And effort. I hate effort.

ETA: I just started afresh. Ugh. Do I want to deal with the horror of moving shit over, do you think? I have a personal archive, but I'm not sure it would upload to here. Pleh.
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2016-11-29 01:34 pm

Where I been at

Right, so for them as weren't on facebook, a quick synopsis of my times there. Let's see. Was Episcopalian; wandered away over growing concern over my church's failure to intersect (the common "nice>=good" problem); was briefly progressive Catholic; bad at getting up and driving that far; am now doing more of a private-relationship-with-Jesus-and-Co thing that also includes most of my old posse, because I am a complicated multivalent confusing beastie.

Marriage is fine. Kiddo is now legally female, and yes, she's *thrilled* to see what the new regime has in store for her. Me too! For which reason I have been inundating my fb feed with news and inspirationals and calls to action. But fb is starting to get twitchy about them, so yay. Have started a few spiritual projects along these lines as well, which I will probably talk about later.

Did you know about the new third cat? Our new third cat is Max, a tuxedo. She is ridiculously social, bright, and possibly a spoiled brat and troublemaker. She reduces T to a cute-talking muppet.

Finished making Domus Doli into a novel and am currently shopping for a publisher and trying to learn to do all the marketing crap. Or that's what I was doing before apocalypse-prepping took over, anyway.
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2016-11-29 11:53 am

Let's try that again

...Okay. NOW. Gentlepersons, this is Estara, and I am looking at coming back to DW because FB is becoming more and more censor hell and my peeps are looking for options.

If, perchance, you actually still came around here looking for stuffs in the fanfic archive, it has now been moved to its own account, onemorealtmer. (Oh gods, I bet the internal links are a nightmare now. Not going to think about it. Y'all can just click around in its archives and find things the hard way for a while, all right?)

Give a holler if you see me.
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2012-06-27 11:07 pm
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Would it be worth the paper it was printed on?

I mean this question literally.

This book, formatted for the appropriate size, is 600 pages. According to Lulu's estimates, Devourer on the cheap paper would cost $15 per unit to print. (This, friends, is what we get for not buying in bulk.) They recommend a retail price of $30. I myself would be perfectly happy at negligible profit margins, since I am blessed not to be counting on this for food or anything, but that only brings it down to, say, $20. Which still seems like a bit much to ask for a paperback novel, even if it is long, dramatic, and filled with delicious hidden tidbits of witchy wisdom. (See? Starting to get my PR face on.) 

How do people work this? Is there a cheaper POD printer? Or do people actually fork out $20-30 for an indie novel? Or is this why people say paper is dying and I should stick to ebook only?

Opinions not only welcome but actively solicited.
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2010-11-03 12:18 pm

Where I am instead

Okay, just so nobody gets nervous about not hearing from me:  this month I've got a baptism, a friend <3 to help move here from another state, Thanksgiving, and NaNo.  So if I'm scarce online, one or more of those is why.
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2010-09-25 12:11 pm

I has a bicycle!

And I would totally show you if my phone uploading album would just cooperate for a minute.  Pft.  Here's a rough idea:

Like that, only blue.  With a rack and saddlebags.  She's just an entry-level, but I love her.  :D
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2010-09-24 08:41 pm

Random facts of the day

I need to keep some kind of planner. Seriously. Paper or computer, I wonder.

As of today Flame is already totally caught up in trig and halfway there in English. He's going to need to pick up an extra elective if he keeps this up! Sure, it's only been two days, but still, I'm pleasantly shocked at how good he's being about sitting down and doing the work.

Went to the dentist today to check on my mouthguard, which of course is fine. On the way home we swung into Bookman and picked up a used copy of Huckleberry Finn for Flame, since that's next up for him in English.  (This led to one of our Humorous Conversations.  "You should enjoy it.  Twain is smart, and funny, and this book is also a rare treat for a literature class in that it ends well."  "Wait... it what?  But who dies?")  I also picked up a book on scrapbooking that seems to talk about a more useful range of ideas than they often do, and one full of mostly Victorian-style images to use in artsy stuff.
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2010-09-23 11:44 am
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By the Bi

So:  it's Bisexual Visibility Day.

For those of you who might have managed to miss it, I'm bisexual.  I'm not straight; I'm not gay; I'm not transsexual or transgendered; I'm not a rampaging sex fiend monster with no brakes (so no, if you're wondering whether I was hitting on you and you're not sure, I probably wasn't).  I'm lovingly and devotedly married to a guy, so if you didn't know already, you probably assumed I was straight.  Nope, not quite!

There.  All visible.  **glows faintly**
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2010-09-22 07:37 pm
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Gratitude journal

As traditional, I am grateful for Flame, who turned 16 today.  We get along well enough (in a similarly quirky enough way) to be regularly mistaken for siblings.  He's funny and smart and a good person, and I really like how he's turning out.

(In related news, he's also decided at the last second that he will be taking German instead of Japanese.)
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2010-09-21 06:55 pm
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Gratitude journal

So let me tell you a thing about Flame's new online school:  he will be doing Rosetta Stone Japanese.  For free.  BOOYEAH.

(And also trig.  English class is reading "The Crucible."  All good stuff.)
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2010-09-20 07:03 pm
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Gratitude journal

Today I'm, ah.  Grateful to be moving forward on Flame's school transfer, and for the amount of energy I do have for getting through what looks to be a busy week on, and for my beloved [ profile] twist_shimmy , who so seldom fails to be online to write and vent with.

Bright side, bright side.  ;D

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2010-09-19 12:20 pm
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Gratitude journal

Whew!  The party was beautiful and fun, everything went smoothly, everyone seemed to have a good time, the new friends got along with the old friends, all the presents and cards were lovely and I didn't have to feign enthusiasm for any of them.  ;D  And we looked fabulous. 

And today I'm grateful that enough cleanup and borrowed-stuff-returning has already happened as of this morning, and there are enough leftovers, to make today pretty laid-back except for getting groceries sometime this afternoon.  I am groggy but happy.  :D
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2010-09-17 08:48 pm
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Gratitude journal

I am grateful for the hard-won understanding that it is not my responsibility to flawlessly engage in logical debate, even when I have the knowledge to do so, if I am not enjoying doing so.  Especially when I am in my own space rather than public space.  Huzzah self-care!
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2010-09-16 07:56 pm

Gratitude journal

I'm grateful for a day of not going out or seeing people, just chillin in mah house.  Also, we have an approval for Flame to go the internet school, and a ride to get him to the orientation and the assessment test without our riding the bus two hours each way.  Yay!
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2010-09-15 06:33 pm

Gratitude journal

Good catechism chat today - I feel much more secure in thinking that my beliefs and ethics fall within appropriate parameters, so I won't be Lying Under Oath or anything.  XD  Also, everything is going to plan party-wise, and I got to see Jennifer and invite her, which I hadn't gotten the chance to do earlier because I didn't have her email and I wasn't running into her.
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2010-09-14 08:30 pm
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Gratitude journal

Today we found an Indian grocery that JUST opened near us, and which - the bigger shock for locally - sells non-expired food.  That still smells and behaves like food when you open it!  Annnnnd they had rose kurti (ice cream) which was what I wanted to serve with the cake if only there was anyplace near me that sold it!

Oh yeah.  Rockin' it Indian style.
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2010-09-13 06:41 pm
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Gratitude journal

As per traditional, today I am grateful for my birth into a clever and loving family.  Particular to this year, I'm grateful to have gotten out to my current favorite Indian restaurant with [ profile] selyndria  and gotten the catering order locked down.  We hadn't even realized that they make T's favorite Indian thing EVER, which will now be one of our entrees.  :D  (Along, of course, with MY favorite thing ever.  Plus a chicken thing the guy suggested as rounding things out nicely.)
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2010-09-12 08:46 pm

Gratitude journal

For yesterday I am grateful for OMG NAPOLEON (the insanely rich dessert, not the Frenchman) and friends making them and lending me stuff and helping and all.

For today I'm grateful for the chance to see friends I hadn't seen in a while in a happy context (bridal shower).
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2010-09-10 11:04 pm
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Gratitude journal

I'm grateful to have found out another cycling fan.  In my state!  In my circle of acquaintanceship!  I've been so aloooooone.