Aug. 28th, 2010

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This will be kind of a pointy, ouchful gratitude, but there it is.

I'm grateful that, after over a decade of not seeing my mom's family, we got out there a couple of summers ago and got what turned out to be a last chance to see my grandparents relatively well.  I've just heard that Grandma is dying of respiratory and kidney failure.  She'd been coming apart both mentally and physically, so for the family it's falling into that category where people kind of feel it's probably for the best even though it's still sad.

She's the daughter of immigrants but never really cared about that.  I am currently blanking, dammit, on whether she was USO or actually military when she met Grandpa, but either way, she was the kind of woman who was trotted into PR photos.  After the war they had three daughters and a successful restaurant.  She is where I learned pies, sweet tea, and the family slogan "What difference does it make?"  She has needed glasses for decades but never wanted to wear them because "that would just be giving in to it."  I never remember seeing her in a bad mood.  She is 92 and has been married happily for over 60 years.

They're Catholic, so if those of y'all who are of that persuasion were to give her an extra shout-out, I'd appreciate it.  Julie Pavlik Park.

Love you, Grandma.

ETA:  She's gone.  Mom says it was peaceful, and that the service is on Wednesday.


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