Mar. 17th, 2010

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Because apparently one has to comment in one way or another on the passing of Saint Patrick's Day.

Article the First:  look, yo, the whole "orange against the green" thing being appropriated by Pagans?  Really kinda fscked up, given that it really represents Protestant against Catholic and Scottish against Irish.  Wearing orange as a Pagan statement makes about as much sense as...well, something else that makes no sense.  (Note:  I do have a friend that goes orange for Scottishness, in memory of having been made to do so as a kid and given hell over it, and that's its own thing.)

Article the Second:  Given Article the First, I've got no stakes here, really.  I'm not Celtic recon, so even if I were to buy the whole It's All Patrick's Fault mythology (and I've got a fellow with a PhD in the subject to pull out of my pocket if I'm asked to, so please don't push me), he didn't drive MY anything out of anywhere.  I'm not a Protestant, and while I'm sort of Catholic ("among other things," as Hellboy's pops would say) Patrick isn't a special saint to me, so I'm not going to fight for or agin' him.  I'm not Irish, not one drop.  (T is, but he's both Irish and Scottish, and doesn't care anyway.)  I've got some Scottish blood, but it turns out that MY Scots weren't Protestant but Jewish.

Article the Third:  A people who have been through as much crap as the Irish deserve to have a day.  Let them have it.  Sheesh.

Article the Fourth:  I'm not leaving the house today, so no one is going to care!

So it's purple with skulls.  Shalom.


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